Our Services

•       Technical assistance and training

•       Support funding and financing of employee-owned cooperatives

•       Educate the public to promote community economic development

•       Build a network of mutually supportive cooperatives

•       Give support for conversions to employee ownership as a succession plan

•       Expand public education and advocacy to increase economic opportunities through employee-ownership in the Southeast


Worker cooperative Start-ups

We support groups thinking about forming a cooperative by offering basic cooperative entrepreneurship class, business planning, democratic decision-making, etc.


Cooperatives are values- and principles-based businesses that put people and planet over profits. This is very different from the maximization of shareholder profit that traditional businesses are built on. And this is where education around worker co-ops usually begins…


According to recent estimates 50% of small businesses are owned by “Babyboomers” who are getting ready to retire in the next decade. Selling a business to one’s employees is an excellent way to save jobs and keep the legacy going.

Financing and Investment clubs

Due to their unusual structure worker cooperatives often have a hard time getting financing. The Southeast Center for Cooperative Development plans to start our own loan/investment fund to leverage local dollars for incubating start-ups and conversions.